El-Watch is a Norwegian company located 350 km north of Oslo, specialized in predictive maintenance. El-Watch is a rapidly growing company, which is investing in research and development to continue offering innovative and reliable sensors and software. Its mission is not just the production of sensors: innovation continues after installation. Thanks to the Neuronsensor app, you can easily manage various parameters (vibration, pressure, temperature, current intensity, position and much more) and receive alarms where an anomaly occurs. El-Watch has developed a robust sensor, simple to install, and an app with a user-friendly interface. With El-Watch sensors it is possible to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety; your data will be stored and always available for consultation.

Haptica S.r.l.

Haptica provides solutions based on high quality semiconductor strain gauges, semiconductor temperature sensors, transducers and special sensors. Haptica products have excellent sensitivity, miniaturized dimensions, stability and maximum reliability. Transducers and sensors measure pressure, temperature, stress, strain and can be freely configured to suit your needs. Upon request, Haptica provides strain gauging services. Haptica enables IoT compatible products by sensing your projects with miniature sensors. Haptica supports you by improving your products, enabling high-quality measurements, channeling data and extracting information. Haptica S.r.l. collaborates with Nekotek S.r.l. in order to provide the ultimate sensing solution with custom software, electronics and acquisition board.

Nekotek S.r.l.

Nekotek, located few kilometers far from Milan, is made by a dedicated team of young engineers whose mission is to provide modular and miniaturized sensing solutions. Sometimes the standard solution on the market does not always satisfy customer specifications: this is where Nekotek shows its engineering skills. The core business of the company, in fact, is to propose new solutions for each technical challenge submitted. Nekotek products are used in the agriculture sector to industry 4.0, from military to aerospace; completing the offer of the subsidiary Haptica S.r.l. with software, electronics and data acquisition board. The company has an area dedicated to the latest generation test benches. The data obtained are of the highest quality: unrivalled speed and resolution. 'We measure everything, we transmit to whatever device'

GIAS Italia s.r.l.

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